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La mélancolie extatique des chiens, gâteuse comme une vertigineuse descente en ski

Graphic Arts


By (artist) Salvador Dalí


In 1936 this image figured among the series of "Surrealist post cards" . On this sort of "winter sports" card, sent to André Breton one day in 1932, Dalí had glued a chromo showing puppies, drawing a few lines where necessary so as to imperceptibly transform the skiers in this unremarkable Alpine image into the gummy eyes of the aforementioned puppies. Edouard Jaguer (Les mystères de la chambre noire, Paris, Flammarion, 1982, p. 69).

"In 1937, Georges Hugnet published a "first series" (which turned out to be the only one) of post cards, their verso printed with the imitation of a postal stamp - the circular inscription 'guaranteed Surrealist post card" (the idea was Man Ray's). The series confirmed that that there was interest in the cards, suggesting as well that the Group intended for the post card to be a means of diffusion for some of the significant images of its choice. This hope was not fulfilled, as the operation was not a financial success.
These twenty-one cards, printed in sepia (on a yellow, green or white background) reproduced pre-existing images, with the exception, apparently, of that by Picasso..."
Among the artists who participated in the undertaking were André Breton, with a poem-object, and Salvador Dalí with La mélancolie gâteuse des chiens comme une vertigineuse descente de ski, "beautiful example of a dual image." Gérard Durozoi (Histoire du mouvement surréaliste, Paris, Hazan, 1997, pp.331-333).


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Creation date1931-1932
Date of publication 1932
Physical description14 x 9 cm (5 1/2 x 3 1/2 in.) - Collage et gouache sur carte postale photographique Schussfahrt (titre du support qui signifie descente « en schuss »)
From / ProvenanceCarte envoyée par Dalí à Breton en 1932
Copyright© ADAGP, Paris, 2005.
Breton Auction, 2003Lot 4017
CategoriesModern Paintings
Set[Exhibitions] 1965-1966, L'écart absolu
ExhibitionsL'Écart absolu, 1965 , André Breton, La Beauté convulsive , Le Surréalisme et l'objet
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[Ge vous envoie la carte postale]

Salvador Dalí

Lettre de Salvador Dalí à André Breton du 27 mars 1937 qu'accompagne une carte postale intitulée « La mélancolie extatique des chiens, gâteuse comme une vertigineuse descente en ski », mais qui concerne surtout le projet de la galerie Gradiva.
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