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Letters to Nadja from Andre Breton, Letters concerning Nadja



Authors Nadja, Gilbert Robin
Letter to André Breton
Person cited Nadja


Nadja, a woman who writes, who draws, and is not only a person who is written about. The correspondence of the most novelistic and mythical person of surrealist literature.

Nadja, a woman who writes, who draws, and is not only a person who is written about. Meticulously preserved by Breton, her letters and notes reveal a character that is stronger than the author's pen. Such lipstick smudges [left] by her lips, such fervent drawings sent like this “flower of lovers” were reproduced by Breton in order to illustrate a love story, to supplement a text that rather insisted on a fascination with her character. To re-read Nadja in the light of these texts, does not allow for a reading of purely biographical elements, but rather casts her in a different light, [such] that might render you partial to Nadja's plight. It is made clear that Breton's fascination gives way to a personal and intimate relationship, a story of which this collection contains perhaps the last word: the letter of a doctor giving André Breton information about a visit, certainly never made, to she who descended into madness. [Atelier Andre Breton Website, 2005]


Original Letters Signed, October 9, 1926
- March 4 1927 - Twenty-seven signed original letters of Nadja to Andre Breton, October 9, 1926 - March 4, 1927 in a folder. 23 pages, folio in-4° of which one has an original sketch, 1 page, folio in-8°, 16 pages folio in-16 and 6 pneumatics. Andre Breton dated the majority of the letters in pencil and put them in envelopes, for the most part preserved. The collection was conserved in an ochre red folder, titled with green letters which forms the word "Nadja".

“This is so grand, my darling, this union of our two souls, so profound and so cold this abyss where I am drowning without expecting anything, as if in no way embracing the afterlife, and moreover once I return to you, you are there and your great eyes fixed on me and I move you, return to you, you are all that there is, the best, and I embrace you; you are there, but death is also there, yes, it is there behind you.”

“My beloved. Our way of kissing was beautiful, was it not? And Satan made it so tantalizing... But what is it worth after having spent a desolate night... black? ... or white! Truly, I do not know anymore. But I still descend again, alone, the staircase which led me to joy.”

“My word. I wanted to telephone you but, I am excessively nervous and afraid of making you anxious. I do not know what gives me such ideas. This is perhaps me thinking too much—or not enough—since I don’t know... I nevertheless no longer have any strength—oh, too bad—this is not enough, I wanted know, know what you’re thinking, my love... forgive me, you know that I am your slave and that you are everything to me, but I want even more. I want to take all of your troubles, suffer in your place; I want you to be happy. You are strong, beautiful, good, [but] it’s also important that you are the master and that everyone holds you in high regard, as I do in my love for you.

“It rains again, my room is bleak, my heart in an abyss, my reason is dying.”

“Thank you, André, I got everything... I do not want to make you lose time necessary for better things— all that you do is well done—nothing stops you—there are enough people who have as their mission to put out the is wise to not burden oneself with the impossible.”

Exceptional correspondence of the most novelistic and mystical person of surrealist literature: Nadja. [Auction catalogue, 2003]

5 lettres de Nadja à André

étude d'après les lettres de Nadja

Creation date1926 - 1927
Bibliographical material23 pages in-4°
1 page in-8°
16 pages in-16
Physical descriptionlettres et enveloppes, pneumatiques - encres diverses, crayon.

Bibliothèque littéraire Jacques Doucet, Paris : BRT 43 (1-47)

Breton Auction, 2003Lot 2119
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