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Literature new series

Nouvelle Série, n°1



Edited by Louis Aragon, André Breton, Philippe Soupault


Major vehicle of Surrealist thought, the review Littérature would publish some of the most important surrealist texts such as The Magnetic Fields. The title of Littérature was originally proposed by Paul Valéry, who was inspired by the last line of one of Verlaine's art poétique (1874) which reads: "And all the rest is literature". André Breton, director and co-editor of the review would say that the adoption of this title was done ironically in the spirit of derision.

The first 20 issues extend from March 1919 to August 1921. The "new series," (la nouvelle série), presented here, was issued after a break with the Dada movement and would count 13 issues from March 1922 to June 1924, including one double issue (11/12).

The following documents were attached to this issue by André Breton:

Image 1. Cover of Literature, new series, number 1.

Image 2. Manuscript of the poem by Benjamin Péret: « Ma main dans la bière » ("My hand in the beer")

Image 3. Signed manuscript by Louis Aragon: « Revue Rhénane, Neverundschau, N.R.F., etc. »

Images 4-7. Signed manuscript by Philippe Soupault: « Un bon mouvement » ("A good movement")

Image not available. Exhibition catalogue of Giorgio de Chirico at the gallery of Paul Guillaume in 1922, accompanied with a text written by André Breton.

Images 9-14. Hand-written letter signed by Giorgio de Chirico to André Breton: « Mon bien cher ami... » ("My dear friend...")

Image 15. Manuscript of a poem written by Jacques Baron: « Zinc »

Images 16-17. Manuscript written by Tristan Tzara: « J'ai vu un homme qui se dégonfle à Olympia » ( "I saw a man who can deflate himself at Olympia" )

Images 18-22. Manuscript written by André Breton: « André Gide, morceaux choisis » ("André Gide, chosen extracts")

Image 23. Manuscript written by Georges Ribemont-Dessaignes: « Charles Nordmann. Einstein et l'Univers » ("Charles Nordman, Einstein and the Universe").

Image 24-25. Manuscript by Louis Aragon and André Breton: « L'Esprit nouveau » ("The New Spirit")

Image 26. Manuscript written by Philippe Soupault: « Tristan Tzara. Cinéma calendrier du cœur abstrait » ("Tristan Tzara. Cinema calender of the abstract heart")


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