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This address, which André Breton included in La Clé des champs, completes a previous conference, itself similar to the introduction he gave at the Copenhagen and Tenerife exhibitions. In “Limits not frontiers of surrealism”, he insists on the English gothic novel and its occultation of reason. The poet thus takes stock of a well identified but little explored legacy (Radcliffe, Walpole, Lewis); the conference then refers to Freud and William James, thus resuming the uninterrupted course of a reflection on knowledge.

Address probably given at the inauguration of the London surrealist exhibition

Creation datejuin -36
Physical descriptionMs et placards collés - encre verte et imp et crayon vert
Set[AB's Manuscripts] Miscellaneous Manuscripts
ExhibitionsExposition internationale Kubisme-Surrealisme de Copenhague , Exposition internationale du Surréalisme de Ténérife
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